Introducing Yevgeniy Frid on Bass!!!

We resurrected a bass from the Willis / Actual Tiger days and after much consideration, Yevgeniy (Eugene) and I decided to let him play the bass part to Said She’ll Wait.  This wasn’t an easy decision as I envision wild bass parts playing the second melody as if its he’s the only other musician left on earth to accompany me.   So I present the bass and guitar mix to everyone.   So the song  keeps evolving and I still listen to the old version because even minor tweaks are apparent to me now.  Download it for free or donate!

Said She’ll Wait day 3 mix is harmony balance

The last mix version had the harmony part trying to outsing the main part so this doesn’t feel like a vocal competition anymore.  Eugene worked some magic using a nice voice equalizer, think it was a “Chris lord Alge” named tool, which made me feel old because he mixed our Actual Tiger tracks way back when, now I’m just using a tool named after him!  Bass part is in the works, and its going to be fretless.  Bad pun.

Show Tonight 5/5 at the J&M Cafe 7pm!

Last minute addition to support the kickoff  of John Tingley’s art show at the J&M.  Starting at 7pm with live painting also including Andy Miller and I hear J&M has a brand new stage and sound system!  It’s the Pioneer Square artwalk and Cinco de Mayo so who can turn that down!

Dreams with Spike being Spike

I had a weird dream where Spike had gotten onto my facebook account and said stuff to get me banned from facebook.  To be honest I’m not sure it was facebook, but it held a lot of importance.

The odd thing was that it felt like when we were younger and I would get mad at him,  but I knew he was gone in the dream and I was still pissed about it.

So I woke up and was sad.  I want to teach myself to recognize and talk to him in my dreams.

Part of this is to write it down.

Tonight 5/2 7pm at Conor Byrne

poster by my good friend Andy Miller at

my music on reddit

Posted my song to the subreddit to try and get some feedback,  you can upvote the post and make it more visible!!


how much harmony is to much? I can’t stop singing a third part in the chorus, then if I could figure out 4 why not? Sounds very country folk rock, where’s my 12 string!


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